Get Your Own Quality Promoting Channel by Using YouTube in Correct Way

Since a few years ago, YouTube has been viewed as one of the best ways to promote. This social media app works by uploading videos for public viewing. The use of YouTube makes it possible for everyone to have a “private TV channel” that can be used entirely to broadcast anything, including the introduction of products, as long as it does not violate a predefined policy. Indeed, not all use of social media (as a media campaign) ended fun.

Many factors make why the application of social media as a media campaign cannot run effectively, but unfortunately few people realize it. They tend to move from one strategy to another to optimize YouTube usage and unfortunately, they often end up in a failure. This article will discuss one of the strategies that can glance at a quick increase of traffic to your account but it will only make what you do into something that is not productive. This short article will discuss about Sub4Sub service!

This is a service that can be defined as “mutual subscription”. In principle, you are subscribed to someone else’s channel and that person is also subscribed to your channel. Very simple right? These services are provided by various online sites, allowing everyone to access them easily. The way it works is similar to mutual follow up on Instagram or on BlogSpot and is based on the assumption that each involved party can exchange customers. Unfortunately, the reality is not as beautiful as expected. This method is often harmful in the end.

In the process, some customers may be no longer interested in your content and they may discontinue subscribing on your channel. In addition they are unable to share content with others, in other words you cannot attract new viewers through this path. Over time, your channel statistics also tend to look suspicious and when your channel is viewed as suspicious by YouTube, the YouTube’s system may close it. Prohibition of shadows is feared in this context. YouTube can freely block any channel without having to notify the owner.

If you think that when you get a penalty from YouTube you do not incur big losses then you are wrong! Remember that YouTube is under Google and any given penalty has serious implications for Google. Your videos are very likely to be hidden from search results and you certainly will not be able to increase the number of new viewers through key words.

It shows your unprofessionalism

Imagine you get a lot of subscribers by Sub4Sub. What do you think is in the mind of every person who subscribes to you? They will assume that the “popularity of your account” is merely a subscription activity. No more! Automatically, they will assume that your content is unattractive so no one wants to subscribe voluntarily. This is a hidden danger that is often not realized. You will be just the same people with Instagram accounts full of passive followers. There are no additional benefits that you get other than look popular.

Therefore, you should focus on providing quality content. There is an old saying that nothing is really instant. By building your channel gradually and on the right path you will gradually acquire truly real and active customers. Good luck!